12kV VCB

12kV Vacuum Circuit Breaker (VMAX1)

Product Overview

The `VMAX1` Series VCBs designed to provide compact, reliable switching & protection solutions for MV distribution network. The product had several design upgrades from the base version to have MAXIMUM PROTECTION and comply to the quality standards as per IEC 62271 - 100, 200, IS: 13118 standards.

The VMAX1 Series truck is of same pedigree for the entire range that ensures standardisation & ease for operator. The performance and reliability of the VCB has increased multi-fold with the compliance of M2 Class - extended mechanical endurance. The aesthetic design and compact product guarantees maximum operator safety, with a combination of mechanical & electrical interlocks.


 Rated Voltage
 Rated Current Breaking Capacity Standards Applications
 Up to 12 kV Up to 4000 A Up to 50 kA IEC, IS Indoor & Outdoor

Salient Features

12kV VCB Trolly

    Easy Maintenance:
    Floor rolling type Breaker Trolley with horizontal isolation & horizontal draw-out for easy maintenance.
    Inaccessible live parts & rack in/out with door closed condition ensures operator safety.

    Compartmentalized Panel with built in base frame & ramp.
    Designed for rapid auto reclosing duty with SCADA compatible control system.

    MAXIMUM Protection:
    VMAX1 Series designed with highly reliable vacuum interrupters & protection relays for MAXimum Protection.

    Type tested for extended mechanical endurance of M2 class as per IEC 62271 – 100, ensuring 10,000 operating sequences.
    Internal arc tested as per IEC 62271-200. Fully type tested product at renowned testing laboratories like CPRI / ERDA - India.
    Stringent Electrical parameter compliance (E2 & C2) reports can be provided on demand.

    Optional Features
    The optional features like draw-out type PT, Powerpack, Integral earth switch, Series trip arrangement for unmanned substation can be provided.

Detailed Specification:
Download our detailed PDF version to get to know more about VMAX1 Vacuum Circuit Breaker Panels

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