22kv lbs

MAX Electric Brand LMAX Series 22kV Load Break Switch Panels
We MAX Electric, manufacture and supply HT Load Break Switches ranges from 3.3kV to 36kV with the amp rating from 630 to 800. Our 22kV LBS switchgear panels are compact in size to suite every industrial needs. 

We manufacture Indoor and Outdoor type Load break switches for varied range of applications.

Technical Specification:

MAX Electric Brand LMAX Series Load Break Switchgear Panels
Rated Voltage 12 KV 12 KV 24 KV
Rated Frequency 50 Hz 50 Hz 50 Hz
Rated Current 630 A 1250 A 630 A
Rated Peak Current 62.5 KA 62.5 KA 62.5 KA
Rated Short time current / 1 sec. 26.3 KA (3 sec) 26.3 KA (3 sec) 26.3 KA (3 sec)
Rated Making Current 62.5 KA 62.5 KA 62.5 KA
Rated Breaking Current 630 A 800 A 630 A
Impulse Voltage, Wave Shape 1.2/50 MS      
i) To Earth 75 KV 75 KV 125 KV
ii) Between Poles 75 KV 75 KV 125 KV
iii) Between Open Contacts 85 KV 85 KV 145 KV
Power Frequency Test Voltage      
iv) To Earth 28 KV 28 KV 55 KV
v) Between Poles 28 KV 28 KV 55 KV
vi) Between Open Contacts 35 KV 35 KV 70 KV
Breaking of Capacitance Load 50 A 50 A 25 A
Closed Loop Breaking Current COS ф = 0.31 ND 630 A 800 A 630 A
Rated Transformer Off Load Breaking Capacity 120 A 120 A 120 A
Rated Line Charging Breaking Capacity 90 A 90 A 90 A
Rated Cable Charging Breaking Capacity 90 A 90 A 90 A
Dimensions (Ref. Drg. Enclosed)      
i) Between Poles (Centers) mm 150-210 150-210 175-250
ii) Between Open Contacts mm 140 140 235
iii) Between live parts and earth mm 130 130 210
Making Time 35 M. Sec      
Arc Duration 5-20 M. Sec      

Main Features of MAX LMAX Series LBS

  • Very High Operating Reliability
  • Simple Maintenance and Inspection
  • High Dynamic and Thermal Strength
  • Tested in CPRI as per IS-9920/IEC62271-2002
  • Special Bottle Arc-chutes
  • Current Interruption without visible arcs
  • Simple Driving Mechanism


LMAX2 Series Load Break Switches in 22kV 630 A can be offered with pole  
distances of 150mm or 210mm in the following configuration.  
Basic ON/OFF Switch - Quick make, Quick Break LMAX16325
Switch with mechanical tripping and shunt trip assembly LMAX1MS6325
Switch with fuse base LMAX1F6325
Switch with fuse base and mechanical tripping feature LMAX1FM6325
Switch with fuse base, earth switch, mechanical tripping and shunt trip assembly' LMAX1FEMS6325

11kV LBS

Outdoor Type 22kv LBS

11kV Load Break Switch Panel

Indoor Type 22kv LBS
Product types in 22kV range of LBS
  • Outdoor type LBS
  • Outdoor type LBS with Roof Bushing Arrangements
  • Indoor type LBS
  • LBS with Earth Switch and Fuse Arrangements
  • Manual Operated LBS
  • Motorized LBS