Bus Ducts

SAFVOLT SWITCHGEARS offer best quality Bus Ducts that can be customized as per the customer’s requirements. All these products are specially designed for different industrial applications are designed to provide better connection, superior performance and more security. We have a fully equipped facility with the latest and most sophisticated machines. These Ducts also go through stringent quality checks at all levels. These products can also be customized as per client’s requirements.

SAFVOLT range of Low Voltage Bus Ducts:

  • Air Insulated metal enclosed Bus Ducts CPRI type tested upto 4000Amps 50kA
  • Phase segregated & non segregated metal enclosed bus duct
  • Super compact IP68 Castresin Bus Duct upto 6300Amps
  • Sandwich type bus duct upto 6300Amps
  • Super compact, resin cast IP 68 bus duct
  • Sandwitch type rising mains with tap-off arrangment upto 6300Amps


  • Bus Duct with required rating, Fault Level.
  • Designing of Bus Duct to achieve required Fault Level, considering temp. Rise, Thermal Rating, Stress, withstand capacity and all applicable derating factors.
  • Bus Duct up to 4000A With Copper/Aluminum Busbar.
  • Busbar Supported on DMC/SMC Support.
  • Busbar with Heat Shrinkable Sleeve.
  • Indoor/Out door Duty, Separate adapter at both end With Space heater and earth Bus.
Standard Requirements for Bus Duct Selection
  • Has the correct voltage rating
  • Has sufficient current rating
  • Has right quantity of conductors (phase, neutral, and ground)
  • Carries UL label or equivalent
  • Has adequate short circuit bracing
  • Is totally enclosed

Bus Duct or BuswayTesting

We assign someone other than the assembler to test each joint after assembly - because it's easy to miss something. Testing should include visual checks, torque checks (except for Belleville washers), and resistance measurements. Belleville washers are usually at the correct torque, if tightened just until they look flat.

After joints pass the testing, we protect them with insulating boots. These should encapsulate the entire array of bolt heads and nuts, since bolts often come very close to other bolts in opposite phases or to the bus duct case.

As a final test, we energize the bus with no load. Wait an hour or so, and then give it an infrared scan. Bus shouldn't have any hot spots - if we come across, we will replace/repair them and scan again. Once we complete this step, we will to put the bus into service. This testing gives a life of trouble-free operation.

Rising Mains
SAFVOLT SWITCHGEARS manufactures Raising Mains with the following unique features and markets in India as well as other Countries.
  • Air insulated, Non-segregated type
  • Indoor Vertical Erection type
  • Busbar of upto 1250A ratings
  • Short Circuit rating of 50KA for 1 sec RMS
  • Fixed type Tap off Boxes
  • Flexible In-line Connections
  • Fire Barriers
  • Wall supports
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