Business Opportunity with MAX ELECTRIC

We respect each and every one who is generating business opportunity for MAX ELECTRIC and suitably reward on a regular intervals. We encourage people who would like to be our dealers, marketing agents, liaison agents.

We are also looking for the organizations who are interested in doing business with us in the form of Joint Venture and on ad-hoc basis.


We are also closely working with industries specially looking for using our facilities as their manufacturing facility.

You can reach out us at any time to discuss on this and take it forward.

Contact us by mail:  /

By Mobile Phone: +91 0 94440 82839 / 98430 82837



We are looking for the dealers for our full range of products in the following regions in India.

1) Northern States

2) North Eastern States

3) Southern States.

Those who are interested can contact us directly to discuss on the terms and to take it forward.

Middle East Region
Looking for the individual/companies who are interested in this field who are willing to work with us as a company business associate / partners. Interested can contact us with the short profile for further discussions. 


With the wast experience in the industry and the strong marketing presence in the southern region of India, MAX Electric interested in the following areas which will benefit the consultants, business enablers, organizations who are looking for a new business opportunities.

Technological Tie-ups

Currently MAX is looking for a "technological tie-ups with switchgear manufacturers who are making

1) SF6 Load Break Switches

2) SF6 Vacuum Circuit Breakers and

3) Vacuum Interrupter


MAX Electric currently looking for collaboration with foreign companies / organizations who are specialized in Electrical Industry and planning to setup their presence in India, if any one is interested they can reach us by mobile / email to discuss on the opportunities.

We are having the fulfledged Vacuum Circuit Breaker Testing facilities to do the testing services in particular to the leading switchgear manufacturers prior to implementations.