Harmonic Control Panel

We manufacture and export electrical equipment. We make harmonic control panel and harmonic power factors.

6 Benefits are described here:

  • Reduce electricity bill
  • Reduce power losses
  • Reduce cable size
  • Comply with power harmonic emission limits requested by Utilities
  • Improve process quality
  • Improve business performance
  • Reduce electricity bill: Low power factor and power harmonics are resulting in increased power demand and reactive energy consumption. Both aspects are part of the electricity bill paid to the Electricity Utility that could be reduced by Power Factor Correction and Power Harmonic mitigation.
  • Reduce power losses: By reducing the line currents necessary for transmission of a given active power to the loads, Power Factor Correction and Power Harmonic mitigation are reducing the power losses in the circuits.
  • Reduce cable size: The cable size is determined according to the current requirements. In the following table is given the multiplying factor to be applied to the cable cross section which could result from a poor Power Factor

How Power Factor and Harmonic control panel relate to Energy Efficiency? In an AC distribution system, the maximum active power is transmitted to a load when voltage and current are undistorted and in phase.