Retrofit is an extremely efficient and cost effective alternative to switchgear replacement, and a proven way to upgrade and / or extend the life of your switchgear with minimal disruption to service.

During 1980s and after we have seen a boom in switchgear sales and relatively high volume of units installed during this time that are still in operation today. 

We MAX Switchgears to satisfy those customers, have come out with the option of retrofit solutions from the OEM perspective. With all of these issues firmly in mind, MAX pleased to offer a range of retrofit solutions for the most popular range of Switchgear products still in wide operation around the world.

Our solution works this way,

We hear from the customer and will depute our Engineer to study the factors about the existing switchgear and offer our retrofit solution. We also offer our services based on the Customer's field engineers reports.

Do you want to retrofit your switchgear, do contact us: Mobile +91 9444082839