Ring Main Units (RMU)

11kV RMU Front View
Our organization is engaged in providing a wide range of Ring Main Units, which helps in saving money and energy. In order to facilitate unhindered supply of power, ring main units are used in secondary distribution systems. Designed using latest technology, these units delivers excellent performance and have low maintenance cost.

The different types of Ring Main Units offered by us are explained below:

11 KV Indoor Ring Main Units (11kV RMU)
12 KV LBS Indoor Metering Panel
22 KV Outdoor Pole Mounted Isolator
24 KV Outdoor Ring Main Units


The MAXRING Modular Distribution Units are designed for indoor installation, so as to make up the Medium Voltage part of the 12 to 24 kV delivery and transformation stations, with switching in SF6 gas offering:

- Complete range 
        - to covere Medium Voltage networks from 12 to 24kV.

- Modulear design to modify the electrical design
- Simple design to enable network extension
- Units that able to comply with your normative constraints
- Options for remote control

- Compactness of the distribution station with reduced dimensions 
- 12 to 24 kV with a pitch of 375mm

- Reliability and safety
- Clear and pictorial block display showing the status of the switchgear instantaneously
- 3 positions switch/isolator to prevent erroneous operation
- Switching device in an enclosure that is sealed for life, requiring no maintenance.

- Simplicity of connection and use


MAXRING designed with safety and compactness. Unit is modular in design and compartmentalized for best in class safety to the unit, people and to the environment.

RMU with 5 Compartment Design:
    1) Low voltage Compartment
    2) Busbar Compartment
    3) Switch Compartment
    4) Control Compartment
    5) Cable Compartment


Public distribution systems or subscriber installation with metering at low voltage level Branch connection, ring connection, or double derivation from the public medium voltage distribution grid via the LBS, Motorised LBS arrival units. 

Distribution of the energy to the installations, such as to the transformer or transformers, is effected through units with three phase type “switch-fuse” protection, when the protection system is equipped with a blown-fuse trip and emission coil. The unit protection transformer is equipped with an MV/LV/Transformer locking system. 

The modularity of the MAXRING distribution system makes possible all of the configurations in these applications.
All these configurations can be installed with options (motor drive, EUIC (short inner end according to IEC60502) connection, etc).