Switchgear Design

We SAFVOLT SWITCHGEARS are engaged in Designing the Medium and Low Voltage Switchgear as per the Customer requirements.

SAFVOLT Design Engineers are well trained in custom switchgear design and we offer our services by visiting the customer place to study the following parameters.

1) Space Allocated for Switchgear Yard
2) Existing Switchgear Design & General Arrangements
3) Present Load and Expected Future Load
4) Power Factor
5) Technology Constraints

After the detailed study we will submit our technical switchgear designs to customer for approval and further process.

SAFVOLT SWITCHGEARS offers Switchgear Design As Free of Cost Services (SDAFCS) to the new and to the existing customers who are choosing SAFVOLT for their switchgear requirements.

We have been appreciated by many Switchgear Customers for our seamless support in this area and this service really helps the customers in direct cost benefit.

Benefits of Custom Switchgear Design

    Customers are enjoying the following direct benefits and helps them in saving their investments in Electrical Services.
        1) Spend as per the requirements and doesn't have to buy the standard product which is of over capacity
        2) Savings in Space, rather than standard mega size switchgear panels, get the panel as per your requirement considering your space.
        3) No need to depend on the existing high priced switchgear manufacturer to get the switchgear which is not required for your present requirements.

We SAFVOLT SWITCHGEARS request the switchgear consumers to get in touch with us before making your buying decisions, which will save your cost and time.