12kV RMU

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11kV RMU Closed View

11kV Ring Main Unit (VCB with LBS combination)
supplied by SAFVOLT SWITCHGEARS has compact in size and best design compared to the earlier units we have procured from other sources.

Even though we have strong electrical technical team, SAFVOLT SWITCHGEARS Design Engineering Team guided us to choose the right product for our project which saved lot of cost and our project is in green zone.

Thanks SAFVOLT SWITCHGEARS Team, Coimbatore - India.

Ahamed Meeran, Project Manager, 
SM International, Saudi Arabia. 


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11kV LBS Outdoor Type11 KV LBS compact series supplied by SAFVOLT SWITCHGEARS, Coimbatore is really compact in size and meets our requirement. SAFVOLT standard load break switch gear panel comes with Fuse and Earth Switch arrangements which helps us to commission the panel at site without running around to add the basic features. 

We are buying 11kV  630A Load Break Switches regularly from SAFVOLT SWITCHGEARS, India from the last couple of years and completely satisfied with their after sales support and their flexibility in meeting our dynamic requests.

Looking for long term association in the upcoming years

- Basilica, Hyderabad

VCB Maker

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SAFVOLT SWITCHGEARS makes Vacuum Circuit Breaker Panels as per our monthly schedules. We are getting the panels of 12kV & 34kV. The integrated drawable type MCCB verticals are designed by SAFVOLT which is of attach/detachable type and of modular in nature.

Flexibility shown by SAFVOLT is impressive to our customers.

- Robert, AB Electric Inc.

electric panel

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"We have searched the entire South India to get a "custom electrical control panel" which we need to supply within a weeks time to our customer, who has planned their inauguration. We have noticed that either not able to supply within a weeks time or over prized. Finally one of our friend referred SAFVOLT SWITCHGEARS, after looking their facilities we have realized that we have ended up in right place for our electrical control panel requirements.

Even though
SAFVOLT has tight schedule to meet their regular deliverable, they agreed to supply the panels within a week time understanding our critical situation and the price they have offered is lower than our regular supplier (!).

Yes, we have got the panels in one day advance than the committed delivery date
which helps us to plan better and to meet our customers demand in right time."

Thanks a lot SAFVOLT SWITCHGEARS for your on time support.

- Malik, Bangalore

Yaser A Sheikh

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We have started working with SAFVOLT SWITCHGEARS for our switchgear requirements and we have visited various switchgear company in India and finally we are very much satisfied with the flexibility and technical guidance offered.

We are continuing our business with SAFVOLT from 2006 and SAFVOLT SWITCHGEARS is one of our valued supplier.

- Y A Sheikh.


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Recently we have procured 120 Units of 11kV Vacuum Switchgear with the specification 630A, 800A 25kA VCB Panel for Indoor application
with standard accessories and metering relays from SAFVOLT SWITCHGEARS, INDIA for one of our overseas project and here is our feed back.

1) Flexible in changing the configuration till the last minute of final approvals and even during the first lot inspection
2) Excellent co-ordination through out the order execution with different time zone support
3) Unmatched Quality compared to other products available in the market
4) We like the way the queries and clarifications are raised well ahead of time and
5) Meeting the delivery schedule: On time and in advance.

Over all we are very much satisfied and looking for long term relationship with SAFVOLT

- Robert, Neo Engg Inc, USA.

SS Panel

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SS Electrical Panel
"Stainless Steel Electrical Panels" supplied by SAFVOLT SWITCHGEARS is of excellent quality. We could have ended up with other manufacturers who doesn't have required facilities to manufacture quality SS Electrical Panels.

We would also like to highlight that the price which we have paid is of competitive compared to others in the market.


Fleix, Eastern Group.

36kV VCB Panels

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7x3 36kV VCB Panels supplied by SAFVOLT SWITCHGEARS for our Overseas Project has saved our time and money. Thank you SAFVOLT SWITCHGEARS, you are competitive, flexible, has very high quality and the design is compatible with the existing systems.

- Gonzalo A, USA

Industrial Panels

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Industrial Panels

"MV/LV Industrial Special Purpose Electrical Panels
" supplied by SAFVOLT SWITCHGEARS has met our set quality standards, delivery schedules and their cost is competitive compared to other switchgear manufacturers.

Also, we are happy with after sales service and support.

Ramachandramoorthy, BERMS, INDIA.


posted Jul 29, 2011, 11:43 PM by Ananthi Vijay   [ updated Sep 6, 2017, 12:16 AM by VIJAY SAFVOLT ]

"22KV 630A VCB Panels supplied SAFVOLT SWITCHGEARS" are of excellent in quality and is competitive in Price compare to other suppliers in India.

GopiKannan, Jordan

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