Three Pole Switch

Load Break Switches and Isolators
Three Pole Load Break Switch
We are one of the reputed OEM in the country and abroad for our type of 3.3 kV to 33 kV Isolators and 7.5 kV to 36 kV Load Break Switches. Our Load break switches are extensively used in power plants and distribution networks and are regarded as highly reliable.
The salient feature of MAX make Load Break Switch is its ability to permit load connections even under a short circuit condition without danger to the operating personnel. It complies with IEC, VDE, & IS standards. A high speed(snap action) make and break ensures a fast switching action and the very special design of arc chutes having excellent extinguishing properties for both high and low currents, suitability of mounting in horizontal or vertical plane etc. prove the versatility of these switches.
Special Features of MAX make Isolators and Load Break Switches
• High Operating reliability
• Simple maintenance and inspection
• High dynamic & thermal strength
• Special tubular arc-chutes
• Current interruption without visible arcs.
• Simple driving mechanism
• Tested in CPRI as per IS-9920 (= IEC 265)
Due to the compact design of individual cubicles, and the feasibility of mounting the switches in different directions, economy in space is achieved, with ample scope for future extension. The triple pole load break switch can be used for switching of transformer feeders, overhead lines, capacitor banks, cable feeders, and ring mains. For protection against circuits H.T. Fuses can be offered with the switch.
Our other key Switchgear products are Ring Main Gears, Ring Main Units, Unitized Package Sub-stations with Load Break Switches, Compact Substations with Load Break Switch and APFC Panels, Motor Control Centers & PCC Units.