VFD Panels

VFD Panels consists of Variable Frequency Drives for various protections to motor, speed control, Energy savings, and application wise plenty of features can be applied to motor to run in auto mode.

Inbuilt cooling fan & input chokes provided to VFD protect from erratic incoming power and to run accurately as per application. In-house programming is done by our staff engineers to suit your exact requirement. These panels provide high accuracy of movement or highest control in motor RPM / speed.

VFD Control panel with VFD BYPASS facility can be provided with DOL / Star – Delta switchgear protections.


  • Auto operation with VFD.
  • Speed control of Motor.
  • Energy Savings means payback of panel cost.
  • Bypass Facility.
  • Panel supplied with exhaust fan for cooling.
  • Panel provided with Input / output choke to VFD protection.

Our product the Process Panel provides a well-founded approach to allow humans and computer systems to cooperate in the creation or modification of some product, be it a document, work plan, design sketch or physical entity. The principal use of these panels can be seen, at its simplest, as an intelligent 'to-do' list for its user. However, and especially when used in conjunction with other users' Panels, it can become a useful workflow management tool, reporting and messaging 'catch all', allowing the coordination of activity, and hence facilitating more successful and efficient collaborations.

Features :

  • Strong and sturdy
  • Compact design
  • Easy usage
  • Can be connected to other panels
  • Useful workflow management

Applicable in :

  • Electronics and telecommunications
  • Processing units
  • Heavy machines

These design are as per requirement of process, these includes Heat Treatment, Industrial Components, Washing Machines and Food Processing.

We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of all automation products and panels. We offer technologically advanced PLC, AC / DC drive based panels which have process control applications in most demanding industries. The panels are equipped with remote input / output units and communication bus to control hundreds of PLC inputs and outputs. Made with the latest technology they are capable of giving higher output and great performance. Our control panels are compact in design and are robust in build as well.

Features :

  • Durable
  • Corrosion free
  • Equipped with remote input and output
  • Affordable prices

Applicable in :

To control any process such as chemical, physical, (e.g. Heat treatment, Rubber molding) mechanical (e.g. movement of material, welding) these are normally PLC based process monitoring panels.